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Silvia Bertocchi for Charity Canvas

Born on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, Silvia Bertocchi is an award winning multifaceted artist and active actress, writer, dancer and painter. Daughter of a painter and granddaughter of legendary “Tex” comic artist Aurelio Galeppini (aka Galep), Silvia began studying ballet at the age of two and soon realized her artistic predisposition which led her to study singing, acting, drawing and painting as transmitted by her mother. 

At the age of six, Silvia moved to Friuli Venezia Giulia in North Eastern Italy with her family, a place that had a particular impact on her and consequently her artistic journey. The locals in this region of Italy were very racist, especially towards those coming from Southern Italy and the islands. This taught Silvia her hatred of racism and the exaltation and beauty of equality. After a few years, Silvia returned to Sardinia and devoted herself to studying the arts, singing every Sunday in her neighborhood church choir, and exploring all styles of dance and theater. 

Silvia began her professional career as a model, working and living across Europe in cities such as Barcelona, Milan, Paris and London. She’s collaborated with titles like GQ and Rolling Stone, writing articles and interviewing big names in the entertainment world such as William Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Christopher Lambert, Juan Fernandez and others. In 2017, Silvia made her feature film debut in the esoteric thriller “The Broken Key”, released in over 60 counties and stars Rutger Hauer and Geraldine Chaplin.

Like Silvia, her collection of paintings are visionary. Each work tells a story of a surreal world, drawing inspiration from the strangeness of everyday life. Silvia loves to mix techniques and materials developing her work on canvas and wood. While Silvia is well connected in the artistic scene throughout Europe, Sardinia is her point of reference and constant source of inspiration, and is where she is able to express herself and paint.

25% of all proceeds from Silvias's inspiring work is donated to the Italian non-profit Parada.