Picture A Better Future


Charity Canvas is an enterprise founded on the principles of giving, transparency, and a whole lot of love. Our mission is to expand charitable giving by enhancing the experience of donating.
— Charity Canvas, Mission Statement

The Idea

We create original works of art inspired by causes we care deeply about, and then sell prints of our artwork to raise money for those causes. 25% of the revenue derived from every sale is donated to a charity that supports the cause the artwork represents.

We call these pieces of artwork Charity Canvases.


Style & Quality

A Charity Canvas is more than a picture on a page--it is a painting with a purpose. It provides a beautiful and lasting reminder of an important cause, as well as a reminder of the generosity and the gratification that comes with giving. Each Charity Canvas is printed on premium museum quality archival paper, mat framed and hand packaged in 100% recyclable material.


The charities we support are selected with careful consideration. Each charity is thoroughly vetted by independent monitoring organizations to ensure fiscal responsibility, efficacy and transparency. These charities are dedicated to such causes as finding a cure for breast cancer, ending world hunger, supporting children with life-threatening diseases, aiding refugees, and preventing LGBTQ youth suicide.